Upcoming projects

Since starting my dissertation project, which I will post details up when it is nearing completion as to prevent any plagiarizing and to keep updates as accurate as possible, I have become more aware and enthused by computer science in general. I have taken on a lot of programming for my dissertation, something that I must confess, am not very good at. To further my understanding, and potentially increase my “employability ” after I graduate, I have began to think of projects that I could complete in spare time, obviously in between work, gaming and being a father. These are some projects that I am planning, and I am currently working on at the moment:

– Point of sale solution

Aim: To become accustomed to using a Raspberry Pi and connecting external components such as a touch screen monitor. Decision needs to be made to use one Raspberry Pi as a server for testing purposes as well as using another Raspberry Pi as a client. SQL database back-end with either a Python or Microsoft Access front-end for logging in and navigating menus.

– Baby monitor

Aim: Using previous experience of using the Raspberry Pi and connecting an external component, further components will be attached to the Raspberry Pi such as a WLAN adapter, 1.3MP webcam, a high definition microphone and external speakers on one Raspberry Pi. Potential to connect LEDs to Raspberry Pi as to simulate sound levels when baby cries. Project will incorporate building a program from ground up that will automatically run when devices are booted. Two Raspberry Pis will be used. Pi number 1 will be situated in baby’s room and will stream video and audio. Pi number 2 will be connected to a T.V or computer monitor via HDMI which parents can switch to if sound is omitted from external speakers and/or LEDs light up. Secure ad-hoc WLAN will need to be established between the two Raspberry Pis automatically when booted up.

– Automatic DTMF navigation

Aim: To create an Android smart phone application that will connect to a company’s PBX. The user will be able to swipe through different departments that the company offers i.e: Sales, Customer Service, Deliveries without having to wait through the automated voice detailing which option to select. App will have the ability to be re-branded to fit a company’s brand such as green for Lloyds TSB, blue for Halifax, black for KnowHow etc. If options change, the app will need to be flexible enough to update to reflect any changes on PBX.

These are just some ideas I envision I will be creating in the next six months and I will post updates of each project as and when they happen =)


– M^


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