Another project idea

I swear I need to set my office up in the shower!

All my good ideas or inspiration always materialize whilst I’m in the shower. Innovation Excellence investigate this phenomenon here. Anyway, this morning I had a wave of inspiration of finding a way of disguising a PC in my living room. For a while now, I’ve had a low spec PC acting as a media centre where all my movies and TV shows are stored, but in all honesty, it is an eyesore and has horrible blue LEDs flashing whilst it is powered on. The PC has a micro-ATX motherboard which, I think, would be perfect to fit into another chassis or case and make it a little bit more… “cool”.

Nintendo Entertainment System

Nintendo Entertainment System

My idea is simply this: why not fit the micro-ATX into… wait for it… a NES case?! Genius I thought. Being an 80s child, I grew up in the 8-bit world of the NES. It was my first ever games console and I spent hours playing games such as the original Super Mario Bros, the one with Duck Hunt, Super Mario Bros 3 and Kirby’s Adventure.

The only problem I envision at this moment is whether the micro-ATX motherboard will fit into the chassis. If it doesn’t, my alternatives include boards such as the Raspberry Pi or the OlinuXino.

I’m currently watching a few NES auctions on eBay for spares and repairs so hopefully I will have one in my possession to rip apart and measure up the motherboard. Stay tuned =)

– M^


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