Website design

A shameless plug and bit of advertising for my girlfriend’s start-up company.

Today, I’ve been asked by my girlfriend to design her a website for her new start-up company Cornelia’s Cuddles. My girlfriend is extremely crafty, not in the “Hey, Kevin Spacey’s character in The Usual Suspects is fucking crafty”, but in the typical arts and crafts kind of crafty. My girlfriend has owned a company before in the past selling cupcakes which was fairly successful but since then, a lot has happened in both of our lives. We found out we were pregnant, had to move from side of our county to another and then obviously our beautiful daughter was born. Because my girlfriend can’t possibly look after our baby daughter and tend to baking cakes at the same time, a new idea was needed for a business.

Example Owl keepsake made by Cornelia's Cuddles

Example Owl keepsake made by Cornelia’s Cuddles

Cornelia’s Cuddles, named after our daughter, produces teddy bear keepsakes for you that are made out of your baby’s vests and babygrows. It is a fantastic way of recycling your baby’s old clothes and turning them into something you can cherish. The website I am designing is very simple and very straight to the point. Unfortunately, it won’t be online until probably the end of the month but for now, Cornelia’s Cuddles have a Facebook page you can subscribe to so that you can keep up to date on new products and also competitions!

Facebook link



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