Monthly Archives: December 2013

Macquarium photos

Well, here are some photos of the G3 iMac. Unfortunately, it boots up quite nicely, even with 32MB of RAM, 233MHz processor, 4GB hard drive and potentially AppleTalk instead of IP, it makes it harder to just rip all the components out and size up a potential bowl to fit in to the chassis – but let’s get on with it!






Christmas project: Macquarium

For the longest time, I have been wanting to undertake a computer related project. You can see some of my ideas in previous posts. This weekend however, my need for a project took a much needed kick up the rear-end when I stumbled up on a second hand Apple iMac G3. What made this find even better was the fact it was collection only in Liverpool and this weekend I was up in Warrington visiting my girlfriend. Normally I wouldn’t do this but with me having a nice little Christmas bonus from work and being 10 miles away from the address of the seller, I thought “Why the hell not?” Well, I sit here now as a proud owner of a G3 iMac in amazingly good nick for a grand total of £4.99!

Photos to come later… If it boots I will be really impressed!