UK Spy Bill

The UK government have introduced a new “Spy Bill” which will keep tabs on all your communication on the Internet for the next year. All ISPs (Internet Service Providers) will be forced to comply and this idea behind this is to track a user’s browsing habits. I suppose the thinking behind the Bill would be to proactively monitoring extremism and terrorist activities earlier, potentially cracking down on paedophile rings and capturing users who access pirated material. The downside to this if you are a “law abiding netizen” would be that your browsing habits are being tracked for no reason whatsoever. It is believed that the information stored would be the root domain of the website you have visited (for example but none of the child domains (such as for example). This does not make the spying any less worrying.

There are ways to obviously circumvent the unnecessary snooping of your browsing habits and potentially disrupt the data collection and I am here to share these with you.


To circumvent the UK government Spy Bill, you can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which basically establishes a data tunnel from your computer to a router anywhere in the world and you will be browsing using an IP (Internet Protocol) address of the provider in that country. The UK government then cannot track your web browsing information because you would essentially be browsing the Internet from another location in the world.

The downside to this would be you are putting all your trust in data security and encryption on the provider of the VPN therefore it would be recommended to look for a paid VPN service rather than a free one and would abstain from checking online banking via the VPN tunnel. We will provide some reviews on the paid and free VPN services in a later blog post.


If there is an anarchist in you and you want to “protest-browse” you can always visit random websites that you would not typically, or ever, visit in order for the ISPs to get false browsing habits and in essence begin to collect more data than they initially planned to do so. If you were to browse to nine random website for every one normal website you visit, the ISPs will have to store ten times the amount of data than they would have done previously; and if everyone does this… (evil grin)

I will be putting together a small app that you can download to your PC that will browse to random, low bandwidth websites and intervals that will rack up your browsing footprints at the ISP and I will release this in a later blog post also.


The Spy Bill will inevitably worry some people, and it will not worry others, but it IS mass surveillance of a nation and if you are an aforementioned law-abiding netizen (and even if you’re not!) you should be given the opportunity to protect yourself and keep your browsing history private.


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