Disaster Recovery on the move!

An interesting topic arose in the office today regarding disaster recovery and making them more mobile. Sun Microsystems are currently deploying disaster recovery mobility in the form of using shipping containers but the mobility of a shipping container is questionable. A lot of time and preparation would be needed to maneuver the shipping container onto a HGV and then deploy the HGV to a site. Here are some ideas that arose from a random office conversation.

DR in a Car

There is one company operating in the New Jersey/New York City area where they will copy your backed up data on to new servers and deliver these servers to your site, obviously as the name suggests, by car. But why not take this one step further and have the ability to have a mobile data centre operate literally out of the car? Ideally the car would need to be of the size of a Land Rover Discovery – big enough to install at least a 22U rack in the back – but the idea would be to have all you storage and servers already backed up and ready to be deployed. Couple this idea with Google’s and Volvo’s current development in self-driving cars and you will have a fully automated, mobile disaster recovery solution deployable to anywhere in your country, whenever you need it.


Marketing at its best with this one. Disaster Recovery using drone technology! Obviously enterprise scale storage would not be possible using a drone but an idea that was banded about would be to utilize a mesh of drones and interconnect them all using LTE connectivity. A couple of drones could be placed around an office offering a SSID to connect to the “DRone” network then off the back of these couple of drones, a meshed network would find their way back to another data centre where a back of all a company’s data will reside. The scale and cost of this would be quite high, but again Google are making head way in the metropolitan wide 802.11 networks.

Value added technology

SSIDs can be broadcast, as mentioned previously, to onboard a customer and secure their data further whether it is deployed in a car or via a drone, and a Captive Portal could be used to authenticate a user and a Citrix desktop could be used to access data on the company’s DR data centre.

Both ideas have a certain ring and marketing slant on DR – maybe I should head on over to the IPO and get it registered 😉




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